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Nearly 2,000,000 medical devices have been recalled in the US due to software defects and user interface. Many end users feel frustrated, which can lead to the rejection of a product on the market, and this is where the team at NanoBiz wants to make a difference. Nanobiz is a biomedical company developing diagnostic kits, readers and analytical devices and their focus and speciality is on the design phase of their own and their clients’ products.

The company has developed their own User Friendly Design Approach and established a separate UX group in their company, with a registered service trade mark UTRLAB.

Through user research, Nanobiz understands end users, their needs, objectives, and context of use. They observe how users experience the product and competing products. Throughout the design process they shape design decisions based on feedback received from end users in the following iterative approach:

BUILD: By building numerous rapid and low-cost prototypes the company does not leave success to chance.

MEASURE: Test the prototypes with users.

LEARN: Improve and verify design according to test results.

Nanobiz delivers a ready-to-produce/publishable interface design at the end of the study. Beyond UX design and visual design, they provide design documents and style guides that can help in the later stages. Under the project management of NANOBIZ, they enlarged their UX portfolio with said service trademark UTRLAB, and they have successfully finished projects for respectful international clients like Facebook,, Paypal, Microsoft, and Pearson.


  • User-friendly design processes for medical devices
  • GUI design processes for healthcare & medical software
  • Usability testing expertise through UTRLAB


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Joint research and usability tests in Turkey

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September 21, 2006

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Biotechnology, nanobiotechnology, biomedical


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