A mobile app that brings driver agencies and drivers together

Drive Buddy and RoadWise help driving agencies to acquire drivers easily and efficiently by analysing driver’s driving habits and educating them to ensure safer roads. Drive Buddy’s smartphone-based mobile telematics solution analyses drivers’ driving habits and detects car accidents without any hardware. RoadWise’s gamification-based telematics solution increases driver’s adaptation and educates them to drive safer. These two companies’ solutions will generate a significant result to make drivers safer and encourage younger generations to be more involved in the logistics sector.

Drive Buddy and RoadWise will combine their powers to develop a mobile app that will bring driver agencies and drivers together. This unique solution will analyse the driver’s driving behaviours and improve their habits to become safer and more qualified, therefore enabling driver agencies to offer them better jobs. Correlatively, their collaboration will result in decreasing the shortage of younger generation drivers, and assuring safer roads through educating younger drivers.

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