Drive Buddy

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Data is the most important thing for insurers to manage their risk properly. In auto insurance they have tried telematics solutions like OBD dongle or another type of hardware device attached to the car to get more data. The problem is not only the cost of the hardware but also more importantly operational costs do not enable people to use the hardware and have it attached to their cars. That is why the company came up with the idea of Drive Buddy.

Drive Buddy is a mobile solution that analyses driver’s driving habits and detects car accidents using sensors on their smartphone. Drive Buddy is a pure smartphone solution that is developed as a software module, so insurers can integrate it inside their mobile applications in just 30 minutes. After the integration they can start tracking their thousands of drivers and can easily distinguish between riskier and safer drivers. By using Drive Buddy, they lower their risk up to 45%.


  • Driver behaviour analysis
  • Machine learning algorithms for signal processing
  • Smartphone based driver monitoring


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January 3, 2018

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Big data, insurtech, self driving car


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