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Smart cities has always been Parabol’s vision since it was established in 2011 with an objective to develop and implement Advanced Traffic Management Systems for cities and transportation authorities. Their team consists of 8 engineers, 3 administrative staff, 1 UX designer and 1 GIS specialist.

Parabol embarked on its journey developing the first domestic adaptive junction management system, and has so far implemented it on 22 junctions while cooperating with Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

They have extended our solution portfolio and gathered them under a single platform, METIS. METIS is an IoT based, interoperable traffic & mobility management platform. It is developed with the latest IT technologies such as the cloud computing, artificial intelligence (deep and machine learning) and Big Data.

Operating in more than 25 cities and 5 countries (Turkey, the UAE, Georgia, Kazakhstan and India) around the world, METIS helps monitor, manage and control more than 400+ junctions and 10,000+ assets.


  • METIS: an urban mobility management platform enabling to gather all mobility related data from different data sources (GPS, bluetooth, loop detectors, cameras) and turn it into actionable insights and recommendations to citizens to make their journeys safer, efficient (both in time and money) and comfortable.
  • A dynamic mobility assistant mobile application for transport, whose main target group is drivers.


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Traffic scenario and strategy management

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April 14, 2011

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Smart traffic management systems, cooperative intelligent transport systems, big data


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