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TYT was established in 2013 to develop smart and renewable technologies for a sustainable future. TYT achieved many breakthroughs such as floating solar photovoltaic system and hybrid concentrated solar power and geothermal power plant with an awarded team by MIT, Forbes and GCIP.  

HydroSolar, floating solar photovoltaic system, is an essential solution to preserve water sources by covering water surface and reduce evaporation and increase energy outputs of solar due to cooling effect of water. Our team develops water compliant and resistant floating structure and adaptive anchoring system to adopt high water level variation on large water reservoirs as hydroelectric dams.


  • Floating solar photovoltaic system


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Developing a more durable and feasible floating solar system

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🇹🇷 TYT

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May 25, 2009

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Renewable energy, solar power, floating solar


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