Developing a more durable and feasible floating solar system

TYT and DWR are working on transforming floating solar systems. Floating solar is new, and the fastest-growing type of solar PV installations. According to the World Bank Group, the global installed capacity of floating solar increased by an average of 270% each year for the past 3 years to reach a 1.3 GW installed capacity by the end of 2018, and the floating solar potential is over 4000 GW if only 10% of man-made freshwater reservoirs are used. The development of viable floating solar solutions is essential in the transition to renewable energy as it removes the need for land acquisition, reduces water evaporation, and increases the efficiency of PV modules.

TYT and DWR are collaborating to develop a floating solar system solution that overcomes the challenges of the current system like durability in harsh weather conditions and ease of supply and logistics. This system capitalises on the use of membranes, membrane-based PV modules to solve the durability problems and widely available system components to overcome supply and logistics challenges.

Temiz Yaratıcı Teknolojiler - TYT works on innovative renewable energy solutions since 2011 and has developed several award-winning innovative projects and products in the fields of Solar PV, hybrid CSP-Geothermal power plants, and Floating Solar PV. TYT has developed and installed Turkey’s first and largest floating solar system using its patented floating solution.

DWR Offshore Ltd is an innovative engineering design consultancy & turnkey supplier of offshore renewable technology systems, specialising in Offshore Tidal, Wave, Floating Solar, Wind and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems. DWR solutions ensure that renewable energy projects are low cost, highly efficient and robust.

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