Royal National Institute of Blind People

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Founded in 1868 the RNIB has been supporting blind people in the UK ever since. The charity aims to improve the lives of individuals who are living with sight problems. The RNIB hopes to help blind individuals live as normal a life as possible, with the aid of technology to help in their everyday lives.


RNIB provides support, information and advice for people affected by sight loss, as well as for eye health and other professionals. In 2007/08 over 280,000 people a month contacted RNIB for general information on sight loss, to lend their voice to a campaign, for expert advice, or to buy an accessible product.

RNIB sources, designs and supplies products to help blind and partially sighted people live independently, and to make everyday tasks easier.


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Mitigating indoor wayfinding challenges

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🇹🇷 WeWalk

🇬🇧 Royal National Institute of Blind People

🇬🇧 Imperial College London

🇬🇧 Astra Terra

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October 16, 1868

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