Traffic scenario and strategy management

Parabol and Immense provide better understanding and insights of cities’ mobility patterns that help to make better decisions in traffic & mobility management. Parabol’s IoT based, interoperable traffic & mobility management platform, METIS, gathers all traffic-related data from different data sources (GPS, Bluetooth, loop detectors, sensors, cameras) and turns it into actionable insights and recommendation for local authorities, public and private enterprises along with citizens. Immense’s AI-powered, SaaS agent-based simulation platform enables advanced strategic and operational decision support to plan, implement and operate cost-effective and efficient mobility solutions. It provides to test alternative scenarios in predictive simulations.

The two companies will bring together their capabilities and expertise in traffic & mobility sector to provide a scenario-based strategy management platform which will enable the road authorities and cities to (1) test the different action scenarios and assess the impacts for both strategic and operational level management (2) apply fast and effective actions with an agile and interoperable structure according to the results of the scenario analyses.

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