Digital infrastructure for distributed energy systems

With established offices in Australia, Turkey, the US and India, Inavitas is at the forefront of researching, developing, and delivering smart energy management solutions for energy systems of all scales. Based in London, Electron harnesses blockchain technologies to design more efficient, resilient and flexible systems for the energy sector.

Two companies join their expertise to co-develop DIDES (Digital Infrastructure For Distributed Energy Systems), aiming to address problems in the sector, namely the increased curtailment of renewable generation on distribution networks that increases energy costs and carbon emissions while reducing grid resilience. Their solution is a marketplace that enables local generation and demand to be coordinated to reduce curtailment while helping the DSO manage the network.

Their innovation is supported by the peer to peer market in which generation assets can trade with other generation/consumers to avoid curtailment. Their technology is implemented in partnership with DSO systems, allowing the DSO to act as a central counterparty to each trade, or to act as a neutral market facilitator.

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