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Inavitas is at the forefront of researching, developing, and delivering smart energy management solutions for energy systems of all scales. Inavitas objectives are to produce cost effective solutions to increase efficiency and resilient outage management as well as reducing maintenance costs and management time with real-time monitoring.

For industry players in renewable energy production and smart grids, their company provides state of the art SCADA systems, including the completion of turnkey design and installation. Inavitas is now serving 20 Distribution System Operators (DSOs) out of 21 in power quality monitoring, SCADA, Distribution Management and Outage Management systems with its full-suite solution: Inavitas T&D. Besides utilities, Inavitas's demand forecast tool for day-ahead and intra-day markets have been used by five electricity retail companies.

After generation and distribution markets, Inavitas has also recently introduced a new product, Inavitas Flex, for energy management for behind the metre applications in residential locations.


  • Centralised control systems for management of storage systems and providing solutions for the problems arising from DGs having high-share of renewables
  • Optimisation tools to provide solutions for the constraints that appear in conventionally designed grids for better integration of renewables
  • User-friendly and dedicated software for interaction between prosumers and/or system operators for peer-to-peer transactions to have better demand management in an operating environment with the partnership of DSOs, EPCs, O&M companies etc.


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Digital infrastructure for distributed energy systems

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August 1, 2012

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Smart energy management solutions


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