Integrated walking system: Therapeutic intervention and tracking integrated

An exoskeleton combined with a sensing insole can be a powerful tools to help patients recover from spinal cord and other injuries. Photo credit: BAMA

Bama Teknoloji and Walk With Path provide solutions to enhance and improve mobility. Walk With Path’s insole solution, Path Feel, provides vibrational feedback to the soles of the feet to improve balance, whilst tracking posture and gait. This can be used for real-time intervention and for tracking improvements over time. Bama Teknoloji’s Active Exoskeleton System, FreeGait, is a wearable exoskeleton that allows individuals who cannot use their legs or has muscle weakness to stand up, walk, and climb up and down stairs. WithFreeGait, the user learns to properly transfer weight while walking, leading to a correct and symmetrical gait pattern.

Both FreeGait and Path Feel can be used in acute and chronic rehabilitation, designed for people with conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and those who suffered a stroke or partial spinal cord injuries. The two companies will draw from their local and international experience, to bring together FreeGait and Path Feel and integrate their value propositions to provide an enhanced international rehabilitation and assistive device solution.

In November 2019, Bama and Walk With Path met in Ankara for an intensive day working on their integrated walking system that will provide an enhanced international rehabilitation and assistive device solution.

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