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BAMA Technology is an R&D company established in Ankara in 2010 and the first and only domestic producer in Turkey in the field of rehabilitation robotics. Their primary objective is to deliver more secure treatment for people with disabilities and to ensure the availability of affordable devices that make their lives easier. BAMA has gained support from KOSGEB, TUBITAK, and the Ankara Development Agency and has been chosen as one of 15 Star Companies by the Economist Magazine. BAMA’s team has developed innovative mechatronic solutions through interdisciplinary collaborations with academicians and medical doctors at e.g. Ankara University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center Walking and Movement Analysis Laboratory, METU Mechanical Engineering Walking Analysis Laboratory, Dokuz Eylul University.


  1. RoboGait; a robotic walking rehabilitation system which helps people to learn to walk again.
  2. VisioGait; a rehabilitation concept to help physiotherapy in patients with gait disorders or recovering from cerebrovascular accidents
  3. FreeGait; a wearable robotic walking system aka exoskeleton providing mobilisation to persons suffering from e.g. spinal cord injury, stroke, MS, cerebral palsy, knee and hip joint problems, etc


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Integrated walking system: Therapeutic intervention and tracking integrated

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January 27, 2010

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Health technologies, physical therapy and rehabilitation


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