Sound analysing IoT network for smart city sensing

Edge-computing IoT devices combined with high-end algorithms that provide an IoT network for smart city speech & sound sensing applications

Cobalt Speech and Signalton Technology collaborate to provide sound analysing solutions through wireless sensor networks for smart cities. Cobalt speech has offices in Cambridge, UK and specializes in speech recognition and natural language understanding through machine learning. Signalton is an Ankara, Turkey based company that specializes in sensor electronics, digital signal analysis, algorithms and embedded software to provide solutions for sensor networks, IoT (Internet of things), and smart information systems. 

Signalton's edge-computing IoT devices together with Cobalt’s high-end algorithms based on sound analysis and speech recognition provide an IoT network for smart city sensing applications. The targeted use cases include traffic status monitoring by measuring noise levels at distributed locations throughout a city, detection of environmental sound events such as a gunshot, scream, breaking glass or social disturbance for security applications, and audio surveillance/security applications based on keyword spotting. Both temporally and spatially distributed information extracted from sound data throughout the city-wide network can be further analysed and used to inform or alert local traffic/security authorities. Local authorities can benefit from such information to regulate traffic flow, improve traffic/road infrastructure, and to control crime more efficiently.

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