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Signalton Technology is an R&D company focused on the application of state-of-the-art digital signal processing techniques and algorithms to real-world problems. Signalton Technology was founded by Reyhan Ergün and Dr Nail Çadallı, who together have had over 40 years of research and development experience in digital embedded system design, software development, signal analysis and advanced algorithm development. Our experience and expertise lie in a vast spectrum of areas within electrical and electronics engineering, especially digital signal processing and signal analysis. These include pattern recognition, machine learning, image/video processing, statistical array signal processing, sensor data fusion, and acoustic/audio signal processing. The company is capable of overall system design and development from the ground up including electronic hardware design, algorithm development, embedded programming, and application software development.


  • Sig-Mote: A signal processing sensor platform that consists of digital signal processing (DSP) hardware with onboard sensors, embedded real time software, signal processing algorithms suite and wireless connectivity through various RF technologies. Our in-house designed system can integrate any external sensor, and can be used as an edge computing sensor network node/gateway or as a cloud computing IoT device for general signal, image or video processing.
  • Sig-ASA: An audio scene analysis algorithms suite that employs machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for sound classification and source identification.
  • Data-Mote: A more IoT and cloud-computing oriented scaled-down version of Sig-Mote that has an ARM based microprocessor instead of a high-end DSP.


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Smart city sensing by connected innovative vehicles

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Sound analysing IoT network for smart city sensing

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🇹🇷 Signalton Technology

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August 25, 2017

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Digital signal processing based information systems, IoT, smart home/city, industry 4.0


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