T-DEB’s final business showcase

On March 3rd 2020, participants of our Global Innovation Partnership Programme, T-DEB, and stakeholders got together to celebrate, showcase and widen their network after establishing successful partnerships and weaving the future of their companies with international collaborations.  You can read more about our programme at https://tdebproject.com/.

This is a supercut of the event where companies showcased their partnerships to potential investors and clients, attended the panel on internationalisation and investments, and celebrated the end of the two year R&D partnership programme between Turkey and the UK, funded by Innovate UK and facilitated by Tekiu Ltd.

Tekiu Ltd. designed and delivered Innovate UK’s Global Innovation Partnership Programme for Turkey, T-DEB, part of the Newton Fund. The aim of this two-year programme was to help UK and Turkish SMEs and organisations to build the capacity to develop and sustain R&D collaborations that address societal challenges. Our focus areas were Health, Environmental Tech and Smart Cities. T-DEB ran from Jan 2018 to March 2020.