Company Story:

Arges has been in the field of wastewater treatment since 1985. They have manufactured more than 800 units operating in 24 different countries and their in-house design of Membrane Modules for Biological Wastewater Treatment has been noted for its high efficiency by users. Arges has been active in the field of sludge dewatering and drying since 2008 with technical focus on sludge drying with low heat and solar drying systems.

Their specific areas of specialisations are:

  • Engineering and design of communal, industrial wastewater projects
  • MBR system design for biological wastewater treatment: a new method of physical cleaning with fine bubble aeration, utilising the volume of aeration tank by placing the membrane tank inside
  • Modular package type water treatment plant IFASS, which can adapt to changing flow conditions
  • Low heat dryers use wind and recirculate the heated air in different compartments
  • Solar sludge drying system


  • Low heat sludge dryer
  • Solar sludge dryer
  • Modular wastewater treatment with IFASS
  • Membrane modules for wastewater treatment


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Company Info:

Establishment Date:

May 1, 1985

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Wastewater treatment, sludge drying, membrane modules


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