B-PREG Composites & Textiles Inc.

Company Story:

B-PREG was founded in 2017 as a start-up company to design, develop, and manufacture high performance, sustainable natural fibre composites. With their unique textile structure and patent-pending production technology, the company has succeeded in scalable production of natural fibre reinforced UD thermoplastic prepregs with affordable pricing.

Their product “UD-Flax”, a thin thermoplastic sheet having unidirectionally aligned natural fibres inside, is a ready-to-use preform for thermoforming processes to manufacture lightweight and recyclable composite panels providing:

  • 3-fold higher mechanical performance than wood fibre reinforced composites
  • Similar mechanical performance with glass fibre mat reinforced composites
  • Better insulation/weight performance than EPDM sound barriers

Our 0.25 mm thick prepregs are ready-to-shape for manufacturing laminated composite plates in any geometry via thermoforming processes. UD-Flax can be combined with non-woven mats, wood, corkwood or honeycomb to manufacture sandwich structures. UD-Flax, having near-zero CTE, can also be combined with carbon fibre preforms to enhance their NVH (noise-vibration-harshness) characteristics. 

Thanks to their production technique, they are able to provide our prepregs in wide range of width, weight and performance; both in multi-ply laminates or prepreg forms.


  • Lightweighting with natural fibre composites (NFCs)
  • Sustainable noise barrier solution with NFCs
  • Co-developing sustainable composite components/end products
  • Sustainable furniture design via NFCs
  • Co-developing hybrid/sandwich composite structures (unidirectional flax prepreg with carbon, honeycomb, etc.) 


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Establishment Date:

September 8, 2017

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Sustainable composites


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