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Biyomod is an R&D company founded in 2012 at METU (Middle East Technical University) Technopark, which has been ranked FIRST as a technology winner technopark for six years in a row, by the Technology Development Zones Performance Index in Turkey. The company’s vision is to provide a supportive service to fulfill a comfortable and peaceful life where people can make the most of their time with their loved ones. Their core product is PingBit, which is a predictive and preventive senior care monitoring solution. Biyomod has also carried out R&D studies on sleep apnea monitoring and respiration monitoring which acquired government support funds of 1.066M TL and 929K TL respectively. R&D operations are aimed to be completed into products that also become members of the PingBit product family integrated with PingBit Mate and PingBit services. Since November 2016, Biyomod has been a part of Teletip, which is the National Teleradiology project of the Turkish Ministry of Health and includes the PACS and HIS system integrations of over 1,700 hospitals nationwide.  

In 5 years Biyomod aims to be successfully making state-of-the-art health tracking services for elderly care in the international arena with an extensive support service infrastructure empowered by global health service providers.


PingBit, which is the core product that Biyomod has developed, is focused on predictive and preventive senior care using location, position, state and motion tracking. The target group of the supportive service ranges from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients to elderly people that need support in home care or coaching for well-being

PingBitMate is a phone-free device that is capable of tracking the location and position of the patient. It tracks sudden falls, safe zone leavings, cessation of motion, daily behavioural pattern changes, SOS alarms and in such cases establishes a direct voice communication line with the patient and relatives in emergency situations.

PingBitCloud and PingBitMobile are web and mobile interfaces respectively for the patient and relatives. It helps them to access the medical archive, vital sign measurements and allows exercise reminders or voice messages to be delivered to the patient via PingBitMate.


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Elderly life support: Tracking, healthcare and engagement integrated

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June 1, 2012

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Senior care IoT solutions


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