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Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate university, creating leaders in technology and management, working closely with business, industry and government across the world.  Through their industry partnerships, applied research projects and executive education and professional development programmes, they work with over 1,500 companies and organisations. 

Professor Sansom's current research activities are in CSP (Concentrating Solar Power), solar thermal materials and applications, thermal energy storage, and thermal energy harvesting. Spearheading UK research on CSP, his current projects include concentrating solar power for electrical power generation, solar collector characterisation and ageing evaluation, polymer films for solar power plant heliostats and line-focus solar collectors, linear Fresnel community-scale CSP, heliostat design and manufacture, solar thermal heating and cooling, solar-driven desalination and water purification, thermal storage, and nanostructured thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting.


Focused on aerospace, defence and security, energy and power, environment and agrifood, manufacturing, transport systems, and water 

Partnered with many leading businesses in this area to deliver innovative solutions to their real-life problems

Research benefiting from the strong synergy that has been developed between the science, engineering and management disciplines ensuring that concepts and solutions can be employed by modern-day business.


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Developing a net-zero carbon option for industrial process heat applications

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January 1, 1969

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Transport systems, energy and power, water, management, manufacturing, and environment and agrifood


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