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GlakoLens is a medical devices company developing innovative biosensors based on proprietary technology and cutting-edge research, first of which is a contact lens embedded wireless intraocular pressure monitoring device. This system will non-invasively monitor intraocular pressure changes for 24 hours in order to provide accurate and detailed information to ophthalmologists, enabling them to successfully manage and prevent progression of ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma (ocular hypertension induced vision loss). GlakoLens was founded as a technological spin-off from Boğaziçi University by three distinguished academicians bringing collectively over 40 years of research experience on biosensors, integrated circuits, MEMS and electro-optical systems, cumulatively.


A contact lens embedded wireless biosensor for 24-hour intraocular pressure monitoring


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Innovative, non-invasive device for monitoring glaucoma

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🇹🇷 Glakolens

🇬🇧 Northumbria University Newcastle

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February 27, 2017

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Medtech, ophthalmic diagnostics, intraocular pressure monitoring for glaucoma


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