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MEKE was founded by Mehmet Kemerli, a maritime and environment-lover entrepreneur with the ambition to set up his own business after leaving Shell Oil Company. It was established as a private company in 1977 in Ayvansaray, Istanbul's shipyard region of that time. The company provided MARPOL services under the brand Gemi Sintine Servisi (Ship Bilge Water Collection Services) for the first time in Turkey. The company directed its efforts towards emergency response in oil accidents with its intervention to petroleum-derived waste spilled from an exploded bilge hose and has become the first private company in the sector.

MEKE’s name comes from one of the first affected seabirds from an oil accident. A black Eurasian Coot symbolises a cleaned sea in the middle of an oil spill with its white stain on its forehead. The company has a leading position within the Marine Environment Protection and Cleaning sector, and carries out its services with the goal of 'Leaving Our Children Clean Seas'.

MEKE was established to ensure its integrated management system is a living, effective and sustainable system for making all their services and activities sensitive to the environment. Human health is a priority, their services and activities are structured to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Today they are working with governmental authorities, private sector, and NGOs.


Significantly more effective oil spill response products:

  • Oil booms; following the wave movements, self inflatable/self deployable, collecting information and sharing with the Incident Management (IM) about the oceanography such as current speed, heat of the sea water, and salinity
  • Skimmers; IoT capabilities sensing and transmitting to the (IM), the viscosity of collected oil, percentage of water in collected oil
  • Floating tanks; sensing and IoT capabilities, informing the shore team about the collected volume, sending new tanks to be replaced offshore, informing the waste contractor about the shore arrival time for collecting landed waste oil.


  • Designing and building marine litter collection boats of different sizes, including remote controlled boats
  • Manufacturing small, efficient, and multi-purpose oil spill response boats


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February 14, 1984

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Ocean cleanup, sustainable marine solutions


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