Rothamsted Research

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Established in 1843, Rothamsted Research has been providing agriculture with cutting-edge science and innovation for the development of environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.

Their mission is to perform world-class agricultural science to deliver knowledge, innovation and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for agriculture.


  • Challenge-led science strategy
  • Inspires to achieve economically and environmentally sustainable farming practices 
  • Creates new knowledge by interrogating complex biological, physical and chemical interactions at different scales
  • Discovers, innovates and fast tracks new thinking, new ideas and technologies
  • Delivers and interprets large amounts of data that inform and inspire others and provide an international impact and influence from farm to policy level


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Improving LIBS machine as an analytical tool for soil analysis in the laboratory & field

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🇹🇷 Biyans Biological Products R&D

🇬🇧 Rothamsted Research

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January 1, 1843

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Scientific research, sustainable agriculture, biotechnology


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